I used your bag during the first two days of Yom Tov, and found it to be a real pleasure. It made walking to and from Shul a pleasant and uncomplicating experience not having to juggle my lulav Esrog and Machzor. I especially enjoyed the shoulder Strap which made carrying it a cinch.

Chaim Schwartz

This bag is great! My brother gave me one for a gift... The design is really sharp - and I look forward to a fresh set of arba minim all succos long! My wife is happy to have her fridge back...lol!!

D. RimmelSuper LSW

Wow, great product! Wishing you much Hatzlocha!

CheskySatisfied Customer

My best acquisition ever. The beautiful design, extreme convenience, and fresh contents (not to mention the low price) combine to make this product a must-have in every Jewish home.

YisraelFrum Jew

Great product. Looking forward to new innovations from Beckovations!


My husband and I were trying to come up with a great gift to bring home to our parents for Succos. This is it! We're sure our fathers will love it. Just bought it in Lakewood. Thanx!

Great GiftNew Daughter-in-law

I was thrilled to see that your new product, the Insulated Arba Minim Carrier, is now available in Monsey. What a terrific idea! Obviously, a lot of thought went into its design; from the shoulder strap, the double zippers, the pocket for the Esrog and Machzor, and specifically the double layer of insulation to help prevent the Hadasim and Arovos from drying out. Yashar Koach on a great innovation for the Jewish consumer.

Avromie in MonseyThrilled with your new product!

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